OLYMPUS Calculator Panel for T Power Control 1 with T10 Ring Flash

This item is for the OLYMPUS T Power Control 1 with T10 Ring Flash and 50mm macro lens.

This can be used in two ways:

1. Full-Automatic control by OM-2 - This sets the T10 to Full TTL mode for use on any Olympus camera with TTL flash capabilities (OM2, OM-2n, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4Ti, OM-101, OM-707...)

2. Manual/Auto Mode - This enables the T10 to be set to Manual or one of two Automatic Modes. The ASA is set using a slider and the correct apperture can then be manually set using the scale on the panel

The working distance is shown in ft and cm.

See your T10 instructions.

Genuine OLYMPUS product.

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Post & Packing to Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australia or New Zealand: £5.00

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