This A/C mains adaptor is a very useful tool for saving battery power when working in a studio environment.

It is also recommended by OLYMPUS to be used when downloading images from your camera direct to your PC via USB cable.


NOTE: This AC Adapter does NOT charge the camera batteries!
Condition: NEW, BOXED


  • Input: AC 230V ~ 50/60Hz (UK 3-Pin Plug)
  • Output: DC 6.5V 2A
  • Lead length: appox. 185cm (6 feet)

Compatible with the following models:
C-Series : Optical zoom lens cameras
C-5050, C-4040, C-4000, C-3040, C-3030, C-3020, C-3000, C-2500L, C-2100, C-2040, C-2020, C-2000
C-740, C-730, C-725, C-720, C-700, C-990, C-960, C-920, C-900, C-300, C-200
C-Series : Single focal length cameras
C-860L, C-840L, C-830L, C-820L, C-120, C-100
D-Series : D-620L, D-600L, D-550, D-510, D-500L, D-490, D-460, D-450, D-400, D-380, D-370, D-360L, D-360L ,D-340R ,D-340L ,D-320L, D-220L
E-Series : E-100RS, E-20P, E-10

Genuine OLYMPUS product.

 Price: £12.00 including Post & Packing (UK ONLY)